Lunch on a Rollercoaster

As part of a series celebrating classic Saturday evening TV show “Jim’ll Fix It” – they’ve recreated the iconic moment of the show, a group of cubscouts have relived their Rollercoaster Lunch “fix it” 27 years after the original was shown in 1980.

There’s a nice story on the BBC News website – which contains a link to the videos of both the old a new versions.

However they are not the first to recreate this classic TV moment featuring that ride in Blackpool. Back in 2002, the European Coaster Club also did a recreation, this time in the interests of raising money for Give Kids the World. The photos from that (rather messy) event are also online – at the ECC Website.

One of the most iconic and memorable bits of tv from when I was young, will be relived again – The new series remembering Jim’ll Fix It is being shown on UK Gold, starting in April.