Farewell Dreamland

In a terrible turn of events for the groups trying to save the historic Dreamland amusement park in Margate – today saw the destruction of the centrepiece of the park, the classic Scenic Railway in a fire which is apparently being described as “suspicious”.Deliberate

Now, this is a coaster I never made the (fairly long) trek to ride – and I now regret not doing so, as another ride which is part of the heritage and history of the amusement park has been lost. In recent years so much of the heritage of the British seaside has gone – with the loss of the Runaway at Rotunda, the traditional park at Southport, with it’s classic Cyclone coaster – lost to the chainsaws in 2006, and the recent closure of the park on Rhyl seafront.

We now only have one classic Scenic Railway left in the UK – at Great Yarmouth – there used to be loads of them.

More links to photos of this after the fold, but for now, a link to happier times at Dreamland, thanks to the ECC…, and a gallery of the ride in better times at RCDB.COM

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  1. Update, despite the scale of damage, it is believed that only a quarter of the ride has been lost, however the trains were in the workshop building, which is gone.

    Campaigners and local authority members alike have stated the it should be rebuilt, so maybe there is still a sliver of hope.

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