X Forwards and Swarm Backwards

This is a little late in the writing, but a couple of weekends ago I headed down to Thorpe Park with my partner for a bit of rollercoastering.

Thorpe are advertising one “addition” this year – the reversal of the back row of seats on their B&M Wing Coaster “Swarm”, which we found was a very disorientating experience, and found we still prefered riding forwards.

There is however a second “addition” – the refit of the ride formerly known as “X:\No Way Out” – now simply “X”.  The ride has been re branded as a Ministry of Sound nightclub, with appropriate music and lighting enhancing the feeling of being on a rollercoaster through a nightclub.

Gone are the confusing pauses from the old ride, the train flew through the first and second “holding points” (the third remained, but I suspect was just due to the spacing between the trains at the time we rode).

The biggest change though, and the one that takes the ride from a “weird kiddie coaster with strange effects and no continuity” to “fun, enjoyable and really re-rideable” is the reversal of the trains.  No longer do you vanish into the darkness backwards – now the train is running forwards, the restraints are better, and you can really enjoy the ride.

The other bonus is that as it’s not really being promoted, it’s a hidden gem with a 10 minute queue (on a day when Swarm’s queue was 90 minutes).