Touring the stars

Very cool – Star Tours from the outside…  (this is the DLP version, link via ScreamScape.Com)


Farewell Dreamland

In a terrible turn of events for the groups trying to save the historic Dreamland amusement park in Margate – today saw the destruction of the centrepiece of the park, the classic Scenic Railway in a fire which is apparently being described as “suspicious”.Deliberate

Now, this is a coaster I never made the (fairly long) trek to ride – and I now regret not doing so, as another ride which is part of the heritage and history of the amusement park has been lost. In recent years so much of the heritage of the British seaside has gone – with the loss of the Runaway at Rotunda, the traditional park at Southport, with it’s classic Cyclone coaster – lost to the chainsaws in 2006, and the recent closure of the park on Rhyl seafront.

We now only have one classic Scenic Railway left in the UK – at Great Yarmouth – there used to be loads of them.

More links to photos of this after the fold, but for now, a link to happier times at Dreamland, thanks to the ECC…, and a gallery of the ride in better times at RCDB.COM

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It’s only a few hundred miles.

P9070205 …with some ups and downs along the way

Well, it’s been an interesting week or so. Driving the best part of 900 miles in 5 days, visiting 5 themeparks, 1 snow-dome, and spending time with some friends. Overall it was a good week, although there were a few moments when things didn’t go quite to plan, and the strain of the journey took it’s toll… But anyway, on to the trip reports… Continue reading


Lunch on a Rollercoaster

As part of a series celebrating classic Saturday evening TV show “Jim’ll Fix It” – they’ve recreated the iconic moment of the show, a group of cubscouts have relived their Rollercoaster Lunch “fix it” 27 years after the original was shown in 1980.

There’s a nice story on the BBC News website – which contains a link to the videos of both the old a new versions.

However they are not the first to recreate this classic TV moment featuring that ride in Blackpool. Back in 2002, the European Coaster Club also did a recreation, this time in the interests of raising money for Give Kids the World. The photos from that (rather messy) event are also online – at the ECC Website.

One of the most iconic and memorable bits of tv from when I was young, will be relived again – The new series remembering Jim’ll Fix It is being shown on UK Gold, starting in April.


How did Disney do that

A nice 3 part article about the Magic of Disney – 50 pages covering traditional cell animation techniques, the themeparks, an article that dates from 1963.

Other pages on the site include articles about the electronics at Disney (from the late 50’s) and how the early films which merged live action and animation were made.

An interesting insight into how things used to be done, before this age of photo realistic CG animation…