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Finally, a thief has ended


Last night, after working through 4 games, my adventures with Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series of games has reached it’s conclusion (and that battle on the harbour full of ships was hard!)

I’ll avoid plot spoilers of course, but it’s great to have played through a game driven by story and character – some frustrating moments, some hugely improbably fire-fights – but it’s been a fun journey.

I really appreciated that Naughty Dog went to the trouble of including the epilogue chapter, not only to close the door to any more sequels, but to give the player the satisfaction of knowing how those characters continued after the events in the games finished.

From finding Drake’s tomb to Eldorado, and the search for Avery’s treasure – it’s been fun.

Now to look forward to whatever Naughty Dog games are working on next!



At the weekend just gone, a few of us went to try out the new Escape Room in Cardiff

Obviously, this review won’t include any spoilers for the specific puzzles we encountered on our quest to Find Sherlock

On arrival we were met by the staff, given a health and safety briefing, asked not to take cameras or phones in with us (there are lockers for safe storage of things you don’t want to take in).

We were taken to the room, and locked in – don’t worry if you are claustrophobic, there is an “emergency exit” button in the room, and the staff are monitoring progress through the cctv cameras.

The puzzles themselves were a mix of those we’ve seen before – find clues which lead to combinations for locks – mixed in with some cleverer puzzles I’d not seen before – but that gave us a few “ah-ha” moments during the game – which is always very rewarding.

Suffice to say, we enjoyed the experience and will definitely be going back to try the other rooms on offer 🙂

Links: Escape Rooms Cardiff


A Heroic Failure

© 2008 NBC Universal, Inc.

© 2008 NBC Universal, Inc.

The BBC is the flagship High Definition broadcaster in the UK – with HD programming available on both Satellite and Cable services.

Why then is the first episode of the new season of one of their flagship shows not being shown in HD?

I am of course talking about season 3 of Heroes.

The first episode is being shown on BBC2 on Wednesday 1st October.  The second episode is then being shown immediately afterwards on BBC3 and BBCHD simultaneously.

One has to wonder what the BBC has against Heroes fans who wish to watch the whole season in HD.  Why do we have to watch the first episode in Standard Definition?

This is almost as bad as ITV skipping the second episode of Pushing Daisies entirely.