3d printing

From Setup to First Print

So far so good – once I got the software up and running, my first couple of prints were small utility items – specifically the filament guide holder by Madss – to help the printer not get snarled up on the feeding material, and then a spool bracket – Print 2 was the Spool holder by Hogsqueal.

not yet got a camera/timelapse set up on the printer – so no
interesting photos or videos of things appearing, but suffice to say,
I’ve been very satisfied with the first few prints from the machine.


Backing Up and the impact of Cryptolocker

Malware logo Crystal 128.
Malware logo Crystal 128. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve recently seen a lot of discussion about a piece of malware called “Cryptolocker” – which searches all the drives and network locations it can see (as your user) and encrypts them, before holding the file to ransom, preventing you accessing them without paying the writers for an unlock key”

Clearly, the defence against this is good backups – the malware can’t hold your files to ransom if you’ve got other copies which it hasn’t encrypted.  As always, good backups turn a catastrophic file disaster (be it a failure of the media, or a physical problem like fire, flood, theft etc) into a nuisance which just takes time (and often money to replace the failed/destroyed disks) to resolve.

Cryptolocker adds a new dimension which we as users of backups should be aware of – as some simple styles of backup, may be vulnerable to cryptolocker themselves (e.g. if you backup your files to an external disc between Cryptolocker getting onto your system, and it making that ransom demand) if your backup solution only keeps one version of the file being stored – this could prevent you using those backups to recover your system as the backup itself has been encrypted… Continue reading


London Anniversary Games

The Olympic Stadium
The Olympic Stadium

Wow!  What a day.  I was one of the lucky 70,000 or so people to get a ticket for the Sainsburys Anniversay Games held at the Olympic stadium this last weekend.  The stadium is an amazing venue.  One year on, the excitement of having the stadium again roar with the crowds cheering on such names as Usain Bolt and Mo Farrah as they reprised their Olympic triumphs was incredible.

I’m very glad I was able to get to the venue this year, to see the sport it was designed for, before it’s converted into it’s new role as a football ground.

British Athletics
British Athletics



X Forwards and Swarm Backwards

This is a little late in the writing, but a couple of weekends ago I headed down to Thorpe Park with my partner for a bit of rollercoastering.

Thorpe are advertising one “addition” this year – the reversal of the back row of seats on their B&M Wing Coaster “Swarm”, which we found was a very disorientating experience, and found we still prefered riding forwards.

There is however a second “addition” – the refit of the ride formerly known as “X:\No Way Out” – now simply “X”.  The ride has been re branded as a Ministry of Sound nightclub, with appropriate music and lighting enhancing the feeling of being on a rollercoaster through a nightclub.

Gone are the confusing pauses from the old ride, the train flew through the first and second “holding points” (the third remained, but I suspect was just due to the spacing between the trains at the time we rode).

The biggest change though, and the one that takes the ride from a “weird kiddie coaster with strange effects and no continuity” to “fun, enjoyable and really re-rideable” is the reversal of the trains.  No longer do you vanish into the darkness backwards – now the train is running forwards, the restraints are better, and you can really enjoy the ride.

The other bonus is that as it’s not really being promoted, it’s a hidden gem with a 10 minute queue (on a day when Swarm’s queue was 90 minutes).